Conveying Your Message

Work In Progress

When crafting your marketing message, only one thing really matters: resonant clarity. A strong marketing message clearly indicates who you work with and what results you help them achieve. To be effective, it also must resonate with the people you wish to serve.

Presence Point: I Can Hear You But Can I Trust You? (The Voice of Your Power, Part 3)


The use of vocal variety, rhythm and range are commonly associated with charisma, confidence, power and enthusiasm. Cheryl Dolan offers tips on improving your abilities in these areas.

Presence Point: What Does Your Voice Say About You? (The Voice of Your Power, Part 2)

closeup of young man screaming isolated on white

The sound of your voice may say much more about your state of mind and confidence than anything else.

Presence Point: The "Voice" of Your Power

Man shouting with chalk speech bubble

The first in a 3-part series on The Power of Voice.