Can a Great Image Be Bad for Business?

Electrical Chaos

Making a powerful connection with your just-right clients requires a peeling back similar to connecting insulated wiring. For real connection to happen—for the juice to flow—you have to peel back some of your carefully crafted professional image.

Conveying Your Message

Work In Progress

When crafting your marketing message, only one thing really matters: resonant clarity. A strong marketing message clearly indicates who you work with and what results you help them achieve. To be effective, it also must resonate with the people you wish to serve.

Sales Psychology: The Nutshell Guide to Corporate Schmoozing

Selling at the enterprise level is simply fantastic. When one sales meeting results in hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ll never want to sell to anyone else.

Sales Psychology: Harness the Power of Desire


Human behavior is driven by two powerful mental forces: the emotional tug toward what we want and the emotional push away from what we wish to avoid. It’s the pain & pleasure principle.

Sales Psychology: Why Referrals Are All You'll Ever Need

When most people hear about affiliates, recommendations and referrals, their first thought is referrals as source of new customers. This is a big part of it, for sure. When people start talking about your business and send their friends and family to buy your product, you know you’ve made it big.

Sales Psychology: The Secret of Instant Rapport

Rapport is the state of magical connection where communication simply flows between individuals. It’s the perfect state for selling. And here’s how to achieve it quickly and effectively.

Sales Psychology: Why People Won’t Pay Your Rates

When someone says “that’s too expensive”, they’re verbally acknowledging an unconscious comparison. They’re measuring your price against something else, and you don’t even know what that something else is.

Sales Psychology: Why Logic Makes or Breaks Every Sale

Want to boost sales? Rationalize and justify the decision to buy, for every prospect who crosses your path.

Sales Psychology: Are Your Beliefs Sabotaging Your Selling?

If you want rockstar sales results, it’s time to look into the mirror – at you, your thinking and the impact it has on your business’s performance.