What Dinner and Boredom Have in Common


Humans have always fought against habituation. I’m sure after the first caveman invented fire, someone came along and said, “Yeah I saw that last week.” This can creep into our work, whether we find ourselves becoming bored with our work, or thinking there’s nothing “new” we can learn. We simply get used to what we already know.

Sales Psychology: Harness the Power of Desire


Human behavior is driven by two powerful mental forces: the emotional tug toward what we want and the emotional push away from what we wish to avoid. It’s the pain & pleasure principle.

Improve Your Sales by Offering a Better Anchor

Instead of focusing on your price increase, focus on the benefit you can bring them. Focus on a new experience. Focus on something useful.

Why Your Brain is a Liar and How That’s Hurting Your Business

The solution is as easy as knowing about your mind’s potential biases. That’s all you need to break their hold.