Top 10: March 2013

We have tons of great content from last month, including our Cultivate Creativity series. Did you miss anything? Here’s your chance to catch up on our most popular posts!

1. 13 Unusual Startup Tips From Founders Who’ve Been There, Done That by The YEC. Thirteen young entrepreneurs answer this question: “What’s your most unorthodox/funny/strange-but-good advice to other startup founders?”

2. Turning Pro: Shadow Careers, an excerpt by Steven Pressfield (illustrated by Martin Whitmore). If you’re dissatisfied with your current life, ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for. That metaphor will point you toward your true calling.

3. College Prof to Soulmate School: Liesel Rigsby’s Leap of Faith by Lisa Berkovitz. No one could have foreseen that Liesel Rigsby’s love life would lead to her leaving a tenured position as a college professor to take the leap to becoming an entrepreneur and follow her life’s calling.

4. [Special Series: Cultivate Creativity] Free Your Inner 5-Year-Old: Divergent Thinking & Creativity by Gwen Kinsey. Our first piece in the Cultivate Creativity series! To bring creativity back to the workplace, we must shed our outdated beliefs. We must let go of the industrialized notion that our systems and processes can go on and on… unaffected. These beliefs are blinding us and holding us hostage to our fear of the unknown.

5. Building Your Brand by Erica Holthausen. Your brand is the emotional response an individual has to your business; it is the story she tells herself about whether your business can provide what she needs. Branding consists of all the actions you take to infuse your business with personality so you can elicit a specific emotional response from your ideal client. It is how you show her that your business can indeed provide exactly what she needs.

6. Top 10: February 2013. This isn’t the first time we’ve had a Top 10 list on one of our Top 10 lists, and we suspect it won’t be the last! We can’t decide if it’s meta, redundant, or just plain awesome. (Do you have an opinion?)

7. How to Turn Mistakes Into Profit by Molly Gordon. Attempts to make a profit are necessarily public, and that brings up all kinds of stuff: embarrassment. Feelings of rejection. Self-doubt. All of these can make you reluctant to try again. And if you don’t try again (and again, and again), you’ll be lucky if you make ends meet, let alone make a profit.

8. [Special Series: Cultivate Creativity] Project Passion & Inspire Your Audience by Cheryl Dolan. “I care a lot about the work I do, but I’ve noticed over time that I don’t seem to convey this well to potential employers. I think there’s a missing link in the way I talk to people, in my communication or voice or body language. Can you help me communicate in a way that effectively and honestly conveys the passion and intensity I feel in my work?”

9. Who can you trust? Why the hardest trust to earn is your own by Molly Gordon. Some say we don’t trust ourselves because we’re neurotic. Molly doesn’t find that helpful — and she suggests that a big reason we don’t trust ourselves is that we are less careful about the commitments we make to ourselves than we are about the commitments we make to others.

10. 8 Ways to Map Out Your Business’s Strategic Goals by The YEC. Eight young entrepreneurs weigh in on this question: “Do you have a favorite tool (analog or otherwise) to assist you and your team in mapping out the year’s strategic plans and goals? How do you use it?”

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