How does your business impact… everything?

I particularly appreciated Brian Shea‘s post this morning about Conscious Business:

…if we’re considering employees, then we need to consider everyone associated with the employee. Her family, her friends. And if we’re going to consider the vendors, then we need to consider everyone associated with the vendor. Her employees, family, friends. The same is true of the community, and business partners, etc. etc. There’s ripple-on effects everywhere. And it becomes pretty obvious that it’s impossible to draw a line between the business and the rest of the world.

Brian refers to the impact a business has — positive or negative — on everything else around it. I think he’s right; this isn’t just about your customers and employees. It’s about a whole world of ripples and repercussions for the decisions we make. Business isn’t “just business”; business is personal, when everything is interconnected.

Are there natural repercussions for a business that wants to claim credit for wide-ranging positive impact… but prefers to disclaim, excuse, or blame away any seemingly-related negative impact?

Where do you draw the line for yourself — and why? (Do you draw it at all?)


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