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Chris Taylor is proud of the work he and his dedicated team are doing at ActionableBooks.com. They're committed to helping people apply the great ideas from leading business books to their lives and careers -- quickly, easily, and with impact. Chris believes that teams trump individuals, that ideas are only valuable when applied and that this truly is one of the great eras of potential in human history. He's had the privilege of discussing some of these beliefs with thought leaders of our era, and he's always on the hunt for the next great conversation.

[Video] Drive, by Dan Pink

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Actionable Insights are key takeaways from leading business books, delivered to you in 3 minutes or less. Watch to learn more about Drive by Dan Pink.

[Video] The Advantage, by Patrick Lencioni

Chris Taylor / The Advantage

Watch to learn more about “The Advantage” by Patrick Lencioni, in today’s Actionable Insights — key takeaways from leading business books, delivered to you in 3 minutes or less.

[Video] Actionable Insights: Liars & Outliers

Liars and Outliers 2

Bruce Schneier’s Liars & Outliars: People who break society’s rules — and the advantages of doing so.

[Video] Actionable Insights: Built to Sell

Built to Sell 2

Build your company to be sold, even if you have no intention of stepping back or cashing out. Do yourself a favor and read John Warrillow’s great book regardless of your exit strategy.

[Video] Actionable Insights: Great by Choice


Great By Choice marks Jim Collins’ 4th best seller and another landmark research study on the best companies among us. In 3 minutes (or less!), this Actionable Insights video explores some key points from Great by Choice.

[Video] Actionable Insights: The Lean Startup

Actionable Books

Learn more about Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup in this 3 minute video. Chris Taylor’s Actionable Insights pulls great ideas from cutting edge business books, and shares them in three minutes or less.