7 Ways to Raise the Value of What You Offer

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I LOVE helping clients make more money in less time. No one is looking to work more, or to add complexity to their business. On the contrary, I see an ever-increasing desire for greater simplicity, freedom, and lifestyle.

Is There a Place for Traditional Advertising?

1950sUnlimited {1960s Seventeen Magazine}

With all the newfangled marketing gizmos, fancy social media platforms, and mobile technology, traditional advertising is often treated like the black sheep of marketing. I’ve even heard a few people go so far as to herald the death of print advertising. But reports of the death of this and other traditional marketing tactics have been greatly exaggerated.

What To Do If You’ve Outgrown Your Current Business (Or Want To) ~ Part 4

Personal Trainer by Jon Coupland

The more steps you take in your business-building activities, the further off-target you become if you’re not making sure that each step is in alignment as you go. Today, we look at the next two steps in this evaluation and refinement process: Your Message and Your Offerings.