Would Your Business Change If Money Were No Object?

Money Nick McPhee

Even if you are already doing work that matters to you and that you enjoy, you may have blind spots to where you may be compromising in order to make ends meet: offering something because you think the market will pay for it, rather than because because it truly reflects who you are at the deepest levels.

How to Turn Mistakes Into Profit

Attempts to make a profit are necessarily public, and that brings up all kinds of stuff: embarrassment. Feelings of rejection. Self-doubt. All of these can make you reluctant to try again. And if you don’t try again (and again, and again), you’ll be lucky if you make ends meet, let alone make a profit.

How to Stop Hiding When Clients Have Money Issues

A funny thing can happen when a prospective client questions whether they can afford your work. One minute you are right there with them, present and connected. The next, you’re looking for a box to put over your head. Somehow, money issues send us into virtual hiding.

Lessons We Can Learn From Wall Street

People will pay for perceived value, whether it has any or not.

A Fascinating Tale of Sex, Punk Rock And Finally Solving The Money Thing: Meet Author, Speaker And Coach Jen Sincero

Jen red

Being in your Sweet Spot means financial well-being and self-sufficiency. It doesn’t mean making a specific amount of money.