Size Matters: The Advantages of Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you may feel a push to always be bigger, better, with more options for your customers and more possible revenue sources.

But Dr. Jefftrey R. Cornwall, a guest blogger for The Christian Science Monitor, argues that small businesses should celebrate the advantages of their compact size. Those benefits: nimbleness, quick reactions to customer needs and changes in the market, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Small businesses that try to act ‘big’ too quickly run the risk of losing their entrepreneurial culture,” Cornwall writes.

Instead of debating job titles and organizational structures, entrepreneurs can focus on innovation and organization building. Instead of bureaucracy, owners and managers can instill a sense of ownership for all employees.

Read the full story and tell us what advantages you find in owning (or working at) a small business instead of being part of a giant corporation.

Image credit: Shermeee

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