Wise You: You Are Already a Master of Success


Without experience and feedback, it’s hard to know if you’re doing your work right. If you have what it takes to succeed. You feel clumsy and ill-suited to the business side of self-employment. You feel out of your depth. But you could be mistaken.

Mixing It Up: Video Storytelling for On-the-Go Marketers


A few weeks ago I started working with Tout, a video app for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones. It’s perfect for on-the-go video storytellers (marketers) and is regularly used by the likes of Anderson Cooper, Mit Romney, and Shaquille.

The Hit List: Tools Every Startup Marketer Should Use to Avoid Plateauing

Once in awhile it’s great to refresh the go-to list of marketing tools. And startups need ones that won’t break the bank, take forever to get up and running or need an army of employees or interns to manage.