Is Your Business Ready for Your Vacation?

If you’re planning to take a vacation this summer or fall, it’s never too late (or too early) to make sure your small business will be in great shape during your absence. 

A recent survey from Staples showed that small business owners and managers see their businesses “heating up” and expect business to grow over the rest of the year.

A majority of business owners responded that they “feel comfortable leaving the office for a traditional vacation.” According to Staples, “89 percent (planned) to leave town, instead of taking a ‘staycation’ at home.”

Last year, a different poll of small business owners indicated that roughly 46 percent of entrepreneurs planned to take a vacation.  This Inc. story from last summer offers up a few tips too, such as making sure the business is in order, setting aside time to properly plan the vacation, plotting to make time for vacation.

Business Insider suggests the following tips for vacation-planning as a small-business owner:

  1. Leave someone in charge.
  2. Plan early and get ahead of schedule.
  3. Tell key people you’re leaving early (but try not to spread it on your social network).
  4. Update your email auto-response and voicemail.
  5. Plan ahead for problems.
  6. Clear your calendar.
  7. Wrap up projects.
  8. Put together an emergency contact list (to share with key employees in your absence).
  9. Remember to enjoy your vacation!

Do you have a vacation planned this summer? What have you done to get your business ready while you’re gone?

Image credit: Randy Robertson