Good, Better or Best — How Do You Answer?

What kind of answers make loyal, repeat customers? The ones that say, “I care about you more than I care about making this sale.”

The Big Damn Myth About Social Media

Most people get online and think: If only I had a few thousand Facebook friends and 10,000 or so Twitter followers, then my business could take off… But nothing is further from the truth.

Content Marketing that Customers and Journalists Love


In 1987, university dropout Simon Nixon created a simple piece of content marketing that would help create a company that in 2011 generated revenue of £181.1 million…

Everyone Has the Same 24 Hours

We’re all given the same 24 hours in a day. What you do with it, how you spend it, invest it, dribble and let it leak away is up to you.

Give Options and Opinions — Not Advice

Zach Klein -

There aren’t many of us who take kindly to unsolicited advice about what we should do, buy, think or invest in, including potential customers.

Nobody’s Inviting You (Everyone Welcomes You)

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Nobody’s going to find your little blog, discover you and usher you past some velvet rope to the cool kids table where money and book deals flow like wine.

Sell The Simple

You can easily mess up copywriting by trying to get too fancy too soon. In fact, you can turn customers away by forgetting to deliver a simple message about what you do.

How to Sell More Ethically

You have to sell in order to stay in business. But the good news is that you don’t have to fall into the trap of becoming a slimy salesperson.

17 Reasons Why Your Target Audience Isn’t Listening to You

You’ve worked hard on your new launch. You’ve got an unbeatable offer. You’re chomping at the bit to tell the world on Twitter and Facebook. Then when the big day rolls around… You get nothing. Not even a chirp.

Get In the Practice of Being Perfect

Perfection is the goal, excellence is the path. Winning coaches have a saying, “Practice like you plan to play…”