Moving the line (the power of a zealot)


Compromise is everywhere. Most of us can’t possibly be pure extremists or true fundamentalists, so we draw the line somewhere in the middle.

more, More, MORE!

Firing the customers you can’t possibly please gives you the bandwidth and resources to coddle the ones that truly deserve your attention and repay you with referrals, applause and loyalty.

Viral Growth Trumps Lots of Faux Followers

A slightly better idea defeats a much bigger but disconnected user base every time.

Phoning It In

Life’s too short to phone it in.

Frightened, Clueless or Uninformed?

In the face of significant change and opportunity, people are often one of the three. If you’re going to be of assistance, it helps to know which one.

The Least I Could Do

There’s a different strategy out there — instead of expending the least effort you can, do more.

Hunters and Farmers

Even today, people are either hunters or farmers — those willing to move in an instant, and others more interested moving steadily and minimizing risk. Marketers, and even teachers, can’t reach both types the same way.

Modern Procrastination


Laziness in a white collar job has nothing to do with avoiding hard physical labor. Instead, it has to do with avoiding difficult (and apparently risky) intellectual labor.


Some companies are bureaucratic, slow, dysfunctional… others are fast… fast to market, fast to ship you something. Guess which one you should lead.

Random Rules for Ideas Worth Spreading

If you’ve got an idea worth spreading, consider this random assortment of rules.