Enduring a Stormy State of Mind


Having weathered the storms in our minds, we can appreciate even more deeply the beauty of the clean, clear skies that follow – and use them as backdrops on which to create our own rainbows.

Bust Out of Your Box


The other day, my eight year old son came home from summer camp with a riddle: “Mom, pretend you are in a box that is all sealed up, with no doors and no windows…”

Finding Wisdom In Life's Wake Up Calls


Several years ago I was rushing to get somewhere while seemingly a million things competed for attention inside my head. Then I experienced the sudden impact of a collision…

Embracing Your Vision


You have something inside of you that is waiting to be unleashed into the world. The very act of doing it will rock your world, and that of others as well. Maybe it isn’t a multimillion dollar theme park, or a screenplay, or an organization. But whatever it is will carry the unique essence of you – who you are – and the compilation of everything each of your individual experiences has prepared you for. And if you bring it forward with the intention of making the world a better place, you will.

Bring Life to Your Work, and Change Everything

For so many, work is considered a necessary evil – merely what must be done to earn a paycheck. As they toil through their workday, the primary goal is to make it to the weekend so they can really live. Going through the motions, working alongside others whose hearts and minds they seldom truly connect with, they withhold the very parts of themselves that make them come alive.

The Art of Conscious Living

Perhaps as we become more aware of the degree to which we are really showing up, we can begin to gauge how much of our lives we are truly living. And then we can consciously create – and enjoy - lives worth living for.

The Fallacy of Failure

The most fear-provoking thing about the idea of failure that it leads to pain – pain of rejection, embarrassment, loss, financial ruin – not to mention its actual physical variations.

Leading with Presence

True leaders – in any setting or vocation – are consciously aware of the tone they set with their own presence. They use it to uplift and inspire others, perceiving the brilliance of everyone and everything around them and graciously reflecting it back.

Creating Your Ideal Job

You possess an inborn talent that allows you to do something in a way that no one else can. When you find this talent and apply it to an area of opportunity or need within an organization, you can create a job for yourself that will reward you with immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

A Change in Perspective

Diane Bolden reflects on what’s really important after living through a difficult experience that required her to look at her life in a different way, and made it better.