Co-working Creatively — With A Social Conscience

Beahive is a co-working space — the only one of its kind in the Hudson Valley of New York. On a basic level, it provides a shared, creative work environment for entrepreneurs, the creative class, microbusinesses, and consultants — not all that different from all other co-working spaces. But Beahive has an important facet most others don’t…

Five Ways to Get Rockstars to Collaborate

A book project provides the opportunity to lift the veil on how to engage and collaborate with the Rockstars of your world.

Do You Win With Competition or Collaboration?

Competition can be hard to overcome and harness, but this can be accomplished by having faith in what you do, your value and realizing that a different opinion is one worth cherishing.

Smart Marketing vs. Spray and Pray Marketing

Here are (3) suggestions for how you can collaborate more tightly with Product Management to improve messaging, target audience and relevancy of pivotal marketing campaigns.

The Folly of Mini-Me


Building a team is easy. Building an awesome team is hard work – but an awesome team is going to be happier, healthier, and more successful.

Is Free Lunch a Ticket to Greater Creativity?

A daily free lunch is just one element of the collaborative culture at one unusual Philadelphia-area company.