Do You Know Your Competition?

In a world where everyone is a marketer and everyone has the potential to be their own brand, your competition isn’t against 5 billion people. It’s against yourself.

Learning Business Values From Community Values

I don’t need to take your customers in order to build my thriving business. There’s enough here for everybody!

Do You Win With Competition or Collaboration?

Competition can be hard to overcome and harness, but this can be accomplished by having faith in what you do, your value and realizing that a different opinion is one worth cherishing.

The Motivational Value of Stiff Competition

The better you know your competition, the better you can identify the one thing that makes you truly different.

There's No Such Thing As Competition Anymore

When you choose to create from the standpoint of the remarkably unique expression of who you really are and what most lights you up, no one can possibly compete with you.