The Fastest Way to Fufill Your Dream

Sailboat Romeo Koitmäe

What do you dream of when it comes to your business? What is the inspiring vision that keeps you going through the inevitable ups and downs that happen as part of being an entrepreneur? What do you hope this is all leading to?

The Tyranny of Should

When I introduce the concept of should-as in, I should write that article-the spark of an idea that had begun to blaze as I stoked it burned about as bright as a burnt out match. When believing I “could” write that article turned into I “should,” I no longer wanted to. Much like I feel about cleaning out my garage. It seems important and worthwhile but my procrastination mechanisms kick in and I find myself hanging out on Twitter and Facebook. Then I feel awful.

How to Get Organized Without Putting Out the Creative Fire

Dave Shea

The most common objections I hear about getting organized, planning, and de-cluttering is that such order is at odds with creativity. But there’s a huge difference between building a fire in a fire pit and triggering a wildfire. Understanding that difference will help you find the right level of organization for your creative process.

How Horses Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur: Meet Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker spent years in corporate sales, a career she didn’t particularly love. There came a day when she finally hit her point of no return. Fast forward to today, Jessica helps healers and wellness professionals to create solid, profitable, sustainable businesses they love, and she does that using powerful methods that involve one of her most beloved things: horses.

Embracing Disruption: The Pirates Are Coming

Embracing Disruption

The pirates are coming, innovating sharing technology, anonymity tools, challenging the status quo. The pirates are coming, and we should take notes…

11 So-Called Secrets to Success

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with lists, especially those that claim to contain the secrets to success. That said, I’ve been reflecting for several weeks on what I could say about succeeding in life and business that would be generally true, widely applicable, broadly useful. What do I know about being successful that might possibly hold still long enough for me to get it into words without deteriorating into self-help pablum?

Embracing Disruption: Big Business Owns Your Thoughts

Imagine a system where individuals contribute to a great work of knowledge. Imagine everyone sharing information and ideas for the good of mankind.

Embracing Disruption: Cookbooks & Quilting Clubs

In a sharing community the more people that understand a concept or posses a skill, the more valuable the community is as a whole.

Embracing Disruption: Drones & iPhones

The iPhone and smartphones like it have revolutionized how people interact with the cloud, but there is a lurking question related to what can and cannot be loaded on these devices.

Embracing Disruption: Amazon’s Revolution by Evolution

Many people know as the world’s largest online retailer. But, what far fewer people know is that Amazon is one of the leading innovators in cloud technology…