Top 10: Upmarket Articles July 8-14, 2012


Is your battery low? Do you need a wake-up call? Clarity on SEO’s place in your business? Software recommendations, copywriting tips? Right here.

Top 10: Upmarket Articles July 1-7, 2012


The 7 deadly sins of marketing, saying yes to what your life brings you, leaving a legacy, strengthening your intent, taking action, killer copy, meeting medicine, and more in Upmarket’s Top 10 most viewed articles from last week.

Quickfire: Purpose in Business, Part 2

What do you believe is the most fundamental purpose of creating a business? We asked this question again this week — of a larger audience — and we think you’ll be interested in their responses…

Top 10: Upmarket Articles for June 2012


It’s that time again — we’ve collected our most-viewed articles from all of June. This list is a great mix of branding, social media, professional motivation, coping with criticism, leadership, marketing, problem-solving — and a few great productivity app reviews, for good measure!

Top 10: Upmarket Articles June 24 - July 1, 2012


Ready for a sharp Top 10 list this morning? I know I am! Take a gander at our most-viewed articles from those published last week…

Quickfire: What is the most fundamental purpose of creating a business?

What do Seth Godin, Charlie Gilkey and Chris Taylor believe is the most fundamental purpose of creating a business? Take a look at their responses, and share your own insights!

Gender in Social Media


How does gender balance affect the way your business uses social media? …or does it?

Top 10: Upmarket Articles June 17-23, 2012


If you’re looking for sharp insights on running a remarkable business, we have oodles this week! Charlie Gilkey heads up the pack with his piece on disruption leadership, an essential skill in the business world we’re living in right now. New contributor Michelle Shail gives us a different angle on a similar issue, with a musical flavor: Are we simply playing the notes off the page?

The Dangers & Opportunities of Social Media


Many social media users simply don’t understand their privacy options — or the privacy policy they agreed to when they signed up for a particular service. (This is certainly a candidate for simplifying legal jargon, as previously discussed.) Facebook is notorious for its complex and confusing privacy controls, for instance.

Alan Siegel on Simplifying Legal Jargon

Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel defines simplicity as a means to achieving clarity, transparency and empathy — communication for humans.