Don’t Give Business a Bad Name

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The best company names the ones that are simple, are meaningful to customers, and conjure up a lot of mental imagery. Names that lend themselves to word play are easy to remember and “have legs,” meaning they cane be parlayed into peripheral products, extra revenue sources, and extra buzz.

Book Design: Orwell by Pearson

Penguin's Orwell by Pearson

This is a great new cover for Penguin’s edition of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, designed by David Pearson. It takes popular publishing a little bit daringly closer to The Domino Project’s “no words on the book cover” policy — in addition to which, we approve of the censorship commentary.

Are You Hiring Artists?


What do you do when the economics of your industry is disrupted? According to Eric Barrett, it all goes back to hiring the right people.

Unlocking Imagination the Engine to our Creativity

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What do you do when you hit a creative dry spell? Maybe you’ve found yourself captive to a bit of funk? Gwen Kinsey shares her birthday story of creativity and possibility…

8 Leadership Pitfalls in a Creative Economy

Gwen Kinsey

Our creative economy requires new leadership skills — and absolutely foundational is the ability to tap and leverage curiosity.

Learn to Navigate Rapid Change

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We are living in some fast water. We are very much in the current, navigating in-between space, living in an era of transition — a set of rapids, followed by a bit of calm (if we’re lucky) traveling down river — destination unknown.

Creativity, productivity, and sources of inspiration


Creativity and innovation are the source of new business ideas, excellence in entrepreneurship, and talented individual success stories. It would be nice to assume that creative people are “just talented,” and fall back on the assumption that “you either have it or you don’t.” The truth is, most creative people understand what it takes to be creative – diligence, persistence, hard work and perhaps a bit of a struggle – and tap into various sources of inspiration and known methods for productivity.

Alan Siegel on Simplifying Legal Jargon

Alan Siegel

Alan Siegel defines simplicity as a means to achieving clarity, transparency and empathy — communication for humans.

How Making Mistakes Leads You to Your True Purpose


Here in the online business space, it’s well known that you can start a new business with nothing more than an idea, a website, and something for sale — and many of us got our feet wet with that exact business model. As a newbie in business four and a half years ago, I tried a lot of things that taught me many valuable lessons.